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Change your relationships,
change your intel, change your results

Change your relationships,
change your intel,
change your results


The world’s most customer-centric businesses and individuals use
Hi-Q Group to create Winning Relationships and succeed.

The world’s most customer-centric businesses and individuals use
Hi-Q Group to create Winning Relationships and succeed.

Serco Hi-Q Group
Crowley Hi-Q Group
American Systems
General Kinetics Hi-Q Group Client
Dis-Tran Packaged Substations Hi-Q Group Client
Beta Hi-Q Group Client
Unlimited Tomorrow
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Arcpoint Forensics
Serco Hi-Q Group

“Lorem ipsum dolor, lorem ipsum dolor. Lorem ipsum dolor, dolor. It was almost like magic, the team’s productivity is 10x compared to what they were like.”

Jeremy Bowers

Director of Newsroom Engineering

“I’ve been in business development my entire life! This training is different!”

Kenny RobisonChief Executive Officer

“I recommend this class for all professionals who engage with the customers (public or private sector) as the material, and key “nuggets” are applicable to audiences beyond Business Development professionals. All in all, it was a great experience!”

Sharie BourbeauVice President, Serco-WBB Consulting

“Contrary to the typical business model of selling yourselves to get the customer’s business, this course teaches how to build relationships and instead have the customer qualify themselves. This leads to a more authentic relationship and better insights to allow problem-solving.”

Ewelina BialekNational Accounts Manager

Anthony LaRue Testimonial for Hi-Q Group

“The Hi-Q Group courses are awesome! As a professional just starting out in business development, I had a lot to learn. The courses are interactive and engaging. Nic and Bradley are great instructors and provided me a level of support that is invaluable! Thank you for the great class!”

Amy MolesCEO at ArcPoint Forensics

“The live class with Nic and Brad were entertaining, informative and well run. The approach is intuitive but not obvious and I found it very useful.”

Kevin Long
Vice President Digital Government, Highlight

“A great job teaching core principles that lead directly to business success. Their many years of success allow them to pass along keen insight into what it takes to become an elite business professional. The combination of self-paced learning, virtual classroom, and role-playing exercises combine to offer an incredible experience. Thank you.

George Degnon
Vice President Of Business Development

“As an Engineer, I thought this course was going to be almost entirely BD related training. I was actually pleasantly surprised in that it was much more than just BD training. I actually learned quite a bit about letting people tell me what they want rather than me just having to guess.”

Cody AndersonEngineer at General Dynamics

“I am not by my current role in business development, but I do interact with multiple customers to solve complex issues. This course helped me to better understand how I can be better customer focused.”

Richard DawsonSr. Contracts Manager at Raytheon

“I got as much out of this, if not more, for my personal life as I did for my BD role.”

John SedbrookSr. Project Manager

Testimonial Review for Hi-Q Group BD Masterclass

“I very much enjoyed the teachings and feel that I gained a lot of “nuggets” along the way. I have found myself having the new teachings top of mind over recent weeks as I go through various daily engagements, both professionally, and personally! Your relatable nature has fostered an open and collaborative learning environment, allowing us to focus on the content and practice implementation. I am confident that with practice it will provide for greater opportunity and team potential.”

Ryan MelocheQuality Manager

“The course provided a new perspective of how to engage the customer as well as any engagement.”

Lance MullinsProgram Manager at General Dynamics

“This course helped me see my own needs for improvement, that was profound in that I “got out of my head” and saw both clients and Self more objectively.”

Greg JablunovskySenior Director, Enterprise Process Solutions

“This program will change (revolutionize) the way you engage with your customers, colleagues as well as friends and family. If you have the desire to be more effective and drive your success, you want to take this training!”

Ela DraganDirector, Sales Operations & Recruiting

“This was the best training I have ever attended in my 25 years of Business. Now it’s up to me to take advantage of what Nic and Brad provided.”

George BrashearSector President

“The focus of this Business Development methodology takes into consideration the personal element of sales and the emotional element of the buyer. Having an understanding of your ability to connect, gain trust, and communicate in a way that resonates with the customer on a more emotional level will increase your PWIN by being more customer centric in your proposal and solution delivery.”

Jennifer GardnerSenior Capture Manager

“Beyond my expectations.”

Mary RobinsonSr Director Business Development

“The Hi-Q team takes you from personal values to what the client values in a partnership. This is what sets apart trusted advisors from the sales rep of the week.”

Matt PalgutaVP, Global Business Transformation

“This course have opened my eyes to a whole new way thinking not just about sales but, life. What I have learned over the past few days have given me a new outlook.”

Kimmoy BantonCustomer Care, Distribution Sales

“This is a total shift in thought process.”

Tony LokenVP Operations

“Great course. It focuses first on the biggest hurdle salespeople encounter – themselves. The instruction helps to demystify common issues and patterns that occur from scheduling and meeting with stakeholders, with plenty of practical application exercises to practice new methods of communication. A highly recommended course for your top salespeople or those that show extremely high potential.”

Duncan SuttonCapture Executive

“This class enlightened me.”

Andrew MathewsFBS Engineer

“Excellent material really liked how they paired basic knowledge with psychology. This is good stuff, would highly recommend to anyone that is in a customer facing role.”

Demi VenslovasContracts Manager

“This training provided a new level of understanding to interactions – personal, business, professional and everyday conversations.”

Brian CzarneckiChief Integration Engineer

“I am a 20 year BD veteran and got more out of this course then any training or book I have ever read on the topic of sales/business development. Using emotional intelligence to sharpen ones effectiveness as a trusted business partner is critical to success. This course will help elevate any BD professional at any level .”

Denise EganRegional Director

“The Hi-Q Program provided a different perspective on sales and business development, one more focused on personal connection and problem solving, less on transaction and solution-positioning. Their approach was much more natural for my personality, and it gives me a new set of skills to pursue growth for my company.”

Alan BriggsSenior Director, Data Scientist

“An eye-opener of a course for the seasoned BD professional.”

Jose HernandezCorporate Capture Manager

“Very insightful and game changing course. The set-up of the course was very engaging. Already applying techniques in my day-to-day business and I’ve learned valuable things about myself!”

Kerry BommenDirector Sustainability at Kongsberg Defense

“It was instrumental in the growth of my company to $50M in revenue. The Hi-Q approach to business development is unique in its focus on the human element. It’s more than just a process. It’s an engagement.”

Kevin SwitickPresident at Avian

“The straight-forward approach to building engagement skills that will improve/increase your confidence when you meet with customers, stakeholders and team members. A class you MUST take!”

Owen AlfordDirector of Business Development at SAIC

“This is a career changing course. It focuses on improving customer interactions and developing the mutual trust required for good communication. The instructors were instrumental in helping with self discovery as to all of the old habits and replacing them with a method that dramatically improves connection, competency, and character. I have had immediate improvements in the quality of customer my intimacy. All of this is crucial for anyone making forward facing business decisions.”

Don Flynn Jr.VP Business Development

“Admittedly I was intimidated going in as BD is not my area of work but I found the content to not only be interesting but educational. In the short time that I’ve been exposed to the course experience I have found what I’ve learned to be helpful not just in my professional life but also in my personal life. I’m excited to continue practicing the applications in all aspects of my daily life.”

Jessica OktavecProgram Manager at SAIC

Bambi Erekson Testimonial for Hi-Q Group

“Having access to the coaching sessions is extremely helpful to be able to play back. Whether you have many years of experience or are new to Business Development the course is helpful to hone and develop skills.”

Cathy O’CarrollLTPA Director, QinetiQ

“Great knowledgeable instructors that care that their students learn and apply the principles of the class”

Bill SchaeferVice President at Avian

“Businesses need to constantly evaluate how they do business with people. Achieving industry leading results is exciting and the ideal outcome. Unlocking the principles instilled through the Hi-Q course will create a team enabled to build deep embedded partnerships that provide the business long term sustainable and desirable results across the organization.”

Edward AllardiceManaging Director Australia

“The Hi-Q method has helped tremendously with my business and personal communicating skills.”

Whitney WilsonProcurement Specialist

Testimonial Review for Hi-Q Group BD Masterclass

“The Hi-Q program was unlike any other business training experience I have been exposed to. The course content brought to light many avenues and techniques for customer connection that I had not considered previously. I plan to use the skills learned in this course in both professional and personal relationships in the future.”

Brian TurnerDirector, Programs at General Dynamics

This course should be required for any sales professional who wishes to make their sales meetings more authentic and impactful. It teaches a shift in approach that is subtle yet profound. Sales professionals will learn that their job isn’t to sell – rather, their job is to connect with a discovery mindset in order to reveal the customer’s true needs.

Robin TreasureSales Representative

“This training was great. As an Engineer, many times you focus only on the technical aspect of a call, but this training helps you develop skills around the emotional focus on customer engagement. It has really helped me have a different perspective for my customer calls, in order to improve my relationships.”

Carlos SanchezSr. Program Quality Manager

“I would recommend this course to any BD professional – new or experienced. Fantastic course. Thank you!”

William James KearSenior Director, Mission Solutions

“Helped reinforce that effective BD is aligned with my personal values. That is, bringing value and not just pushing a sale. This is more about the relationship than a sale.”

Garry HaaseSr Mgr, Business Development

“When I was first enrolled in this course by a senior leader, I frankly did not know what to expect being a PM and not in a traditional BD role. Once going through the pre-work and the course itself, I learned so much that could be applied to all facets of relationships including with my government customer. Really enlightening and I highly recommend for anyone in any role not just BD. “

Christina WestnedgeDeputy Program Manager

“Great Course, clearly head above the crowd in actionable items to maintain and achieve excellence.”

Ahmad AlshwaikiBusiness Development Manager

“Took me out of my comfort zone but I needed to be. Role play was done in a way that was helpful and not embarrassing.”

Brennan WalkerQuotation Specialist

“Flips traditional sales on its head!”

Tre FusiliePresident at Mid-State Supply

“A totally insightful course which requires you to be inward looking if you are to maximize the gains you take from this course. Certainly a course I would recommend to anyone prepared to reflect, adapt and improve their BD skills.”

Neale OsmondeBusiness Development Manager

This was the best corporate training class I’ve ever taken. Incredibly valuable insight on how to connect, build trust, and become a valued partner of your customer for full success.”

Laura SchmidVP, Business Strategy

“This course helped me realize how many mistakes i’ve made in relationships. It will help me immensely personally and professionally.”

Heather KammerDeputy Executive Director

“Eye opening and highly insightful.”

Patricia GiltinanGVSC Engineering Lead

“Very impactful course. Really eye-opening into the way I communicate and how to communicate with others to get the most useful information and intelligence.”

Brian RamseurVP, Proposal Operations

“After having completed numerous sales training courses over my career, this was definitely not what I expected, but clearly what I needed. Nic and Brad take an innovative but common sense approach to how we can improve the value we provide to our customers. I learned more in this one “Sales Training” class than I have in all of the classes combined that I have taken over the 27-year span of my Federal IT sales career. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to sales, this class is a must.”

Vikki SimmonsSenior Capture Director at Maximus

Testimonial Review for Hi-Q Group BD Masterclass

Meaningful insights that apply equally to business and personal relationships. They create an atmosphere of trust that inspires the class to be open and honest, with themselves and their classmates. This trust leads to deeper learning and a personal path to success.”

Scott HumphrysDirector of Business Development at Serco

“Tremendous course for any professional that has contact with customers; the benefits of the of the course go beyond BD. The training allowed me time to self-reflect on how to improve the way I think. I truly believe the lessons learned and deeper self awareness will help me in both my professional and personal life.”

David SmithContracts Manager at General Dynamics

“As a working professional, sometimes it’s hard to interact with your customers without being intimidated. Although I am not in business development, I still interact with people and need to make sure that I have the tools needed to be effective in my communication. I enjoyed how everyone was comfortable and willing to speak up if needed. Wonderful course! Thank you Hi-Q.”

Susan BouleyProgram Manager at General Dynamics

“Being brand new to the business development field, the opportunity to learn from experienced experts, was invaluable. This course gave me quite a lot to think about, and I foresee taking this course again, a year or two down the road.”

Trevor GirlingManager, Business Development

“Amazing content – insightful, engaging and applied learning. Really enjoyed it!”

Sarah SloanInnovation Ecosystem Strategist

“Great course. I learned a lot about myself and my abilities as well as how to interact more effectively with my customer.”

Jessica DevereauxContracts Administrator

Testimonial Review for Hi-Q Group BD Masterclass

“I’ve taken a lot of training courses and can genuinely say that Hi-Q has some of the very best because we actually put the learning to work.”

Crystal ClarkNational Director of Donor Engagement

“The Hi-Q Method training taught me the value and importance of deep discovery for sales success. Since applying this method I have improved outcomes in all areas of my professional and personal life.”

Heather MorganNational Director, Partnerships

“In my assessment, the Hi-Q methodology is not about sales, it is about TRULY understanding: yourself, your customer, your business and your team… the sales are a natural byproduct of that understanding.”

Robert Holmes
Executive Director / Security and Intelligence Operations

“This BD course encourages you to build authentic relationships with people, whether or not they become your customers. By doing so, regardless of personality, you will be confident that you can engage with a customer and develop successful business relationships.”

Brian BernalProgram Manager

“This course helped develop my customer interaction skills. Highlighting the emotions and personal connections between the individuals involved paints a picture of how important our humanity is in any interaction, including business.”

Joseph GravesProject Manager

“While not in a strictly BD role currently, I’ve come to appreciate just how important customer interactions are for all roles across our business. They truly can make or break an opportunity, especially when it comes to making a good first impression. While I’ve always thought I do a decent job of asking questions, seeking true customer need, etc. during calls with current or prospective customers, this course has highlighted that I still have a lot of work to do to hone my craft. I definitely recommend this course for anyone in any role that interacts with customers.”

Jeremy SnyderDirector of Engineering

“This training flipped the script on how I talk to our customers.”

Jonathan OrayRegional Sales Manager

“Excellent course and highly recommended for Business Developers and Capture Managers”

Jack BaileyVP of Growth and Capture

“This course provided a paradigm shift as to what I thought was an effective BD professional.”

Brad BellmanProject Executive

“This course makes you look deeper at your customer and what they truly want and need.”

John MarshallLead, Business Development

“This course has been really eye opening and completely changed the way I will approach meetings in the future. Although I dreaded the role play, it was a comfortable environment to try and the feedback provided was exceptional.”

Jess AxfordBusiness Development Manager

“A unique and fresh perspective on business development. Nic and Brad really break down all of the important aspects in helping people understand how to connect and focus on the customer’s needs.”

Jeff DavilaSr Director, PM

“I have learned that self-awareness is critical in my role.”

Nicholas RichardInside Sales/Estimator

“Tremendously impactful class which fuses traditional principles around human intelligence and behavioral psychology into a deeper, more unique approach to selling. Outstanding!”

Eric SedlacekVP of Business Development

“A new perspective on relationships!”

John StepowskiAssociate Director, Product Assurance

“This course is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen (and I have done a lot of sales courses in my career). It really forces you to think differently and to look internally.”

Leah BootheVP, Product Sales

“This Masterclass has has challenged me on so many levels and in the best ways. From personal development and facing a limiting belief system to learning and applying effective communication tactics to increase my effectiveness in the field. I saw results immediately. My confidence is higher than it has ever been and it’s because of what I experienced in this program.”

Anthony LaRueBusiness Development

“Amazing content – insightful, engaging and applied learning. Really enjoyed it!”

Sarah SloanOperations

“The role playing was incredibly valuable. It completely built off of the video training materials. Very insightful and useful training!”

Thomas KaessPrincipal, BD, Intelligence Market

“This has been one of the most fruitful training experiences in my 17 years as a Business Development Professional. So many practical applications for the knowledge gained from this course. I knew this course was well worth it when I found myself saying that I didn’t want it to end and that I didn’t have to force myself to memorize a lot of stuff. The majority of the content was common sense at its core, but definitely not common practice.”

Chris PereschukSenior Business Development & Capture Manager

“If you lack experience or confidence or simply wonder how to engage potential customers effectively to increase your Pwin but not be “that BD guy” then this course is for you. New to BD myself, I greatly appreciated learning the tried and true methods and mindsets of experts with decades of successful BD and BD consulting experience under their belts. Excellent content, excellent delivery, excellent course!”

George FranzPresident & COO at Avian

“Hi-Q is an excellent option for entry, mid, and/or sr professionals that will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and build amazing relationships! Very interactive and solution focused.”

Nehemias CerritosDirector of Business Operations

“The class was very informative and motivational. I would highly recommend this class to any sales professional looking to improve their business development sales skills, “not matter if you are just starting out your career or a seasoned veteran.”

Carl WheelerSales Engineer at Phillips Corporation

“If you are in a sales / business development role and interact with people… then this class has solid insight and approaches for the core blocking and tackling of this role.”

Josh StalkerBD Capture, Solution Architect

Testimonial Review for Hi-Q Group BD Masterclass

“I feel that even though I have been in sales and sales leadership for over 35 years I truly walked away with insight and skills that I was able to apply right away in my personal and professional life. This was not an experience that I will shelve and check off my to do list as completed. I plan to refresh and return often.”

Joe SellatiVice President Strategic Growth

“I was a bit blindsided by this course – in the best way possible. As a highly technical person, it put me out of my comfort zone and made me reevaluate all my relationships and interactions not just with external customers, but coworkers and personal as well. This is not a sit back and listen type of course, and like most things in life – what you get out of it depends on how much effort you put into it, so if you complete the lesson plans and are active in the conference calls, you are guaranteed in the end to see things in a new light.”

Eddy LawrencePrincipal Mechanical Engineer

“Taking this course for the second time only further cemented the teachings and how they can help with my career and personal life.”

Jordan BokserBusiness Growth and Sales Communication

“The structure of the course was spot on. I really benefited from practicing with my peers before the role playing experience.”

Chad ComunalePilot / Business Development at L3Harris Technologies

“This course gave me the tools to effectively plan, manage, and engage personally with my customers.”

Jake WamsleyBusiness Development Manager

“This is a great course that will totally change the way you think about connecting with people and building relationships.”

Dennis DempsyDirector of Donor Engagement

“This is a helpful course for those who want to get out of the old paradigm that sales people are “sleazy”, “pushy”, or need to be a certain way to get the job done. It would also serve those new to sales, or those looking to find a more authentic, sustainable approach to their sales role.”

Jacquelyn MillerHealth Educator

“You can teach an old dog new tricks.I have been in the military (domestic and international) marketing/BD since 1986, this course helped me to refine some of my techniques, while also showing me new ways to get the customer to commit.”

Jim StallardSenior Director, Business Development

“The course was very insightful and the role play really brings the message home.”

Clint JonesVP of Engineering

“The BD Masterclass is PhD level work in communication! The applications are endless from business development to professional interactions and personal relationships. If you want to be a better listener, communicator, friend, partner, or human; come with an open mind, ready to do some self-work and prepare to learn a totally different way to interact with people. Well Done gents!”

Suzanne PalmerCapture Executive

“Nic and Brad create a safe, low-stakes environment for students to practice new approaches and techniques. This hands-on experience is such a powerful tool.”

Morgan HoeyMarketing Director

“It really gets you out of your comfort zone.”

Max PriceProject Development Manager

“This class changed my idea of what a salesperson is in a positive way. This is not a sales class, it’s a people class.”

Scott RussellSubstation Design Manager

“I now know why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth.”

Jeremy HardingSubstation Design Manager

“The class teaches techniques to build lasting relationships with clients and that relationships are key to business and personal success.”

George IritzSr Capture Director

“Taking this course is great not just for my career growth, but also for personal growth.”

Clarice RiveraProgram Manager

“This class was nothing like I have seen before! A whole new perspective to customer understanding.”

Steve SchultzAssociate Director

“This experience was not only valuable but eye opening. It really makes you take a look inward.”

Kelly FaraceNational Sales, Account Manager

“Hi- Q helped me to grow and feel comfortable in my own skin as a business development professional.”

Melanie MetropolitSenior Account Executive

“A unique but insightful method for changing behaviors in customer engagement.”

Maria MartinBusiness Development

“This course trains the professional BD person to be purpose driven vs selling and telling on how great you are as a company. Brilliant instructors and content.”

Peter BrunoSr Director, Business Development

“It was very enlightening and a positive experience most could benefit from.”

Crystal PaulDirector of Quality

“I really loved the course. It reenforced a lot of my beliefs and experiences and helps take you to the next level of developing customer intimacy.”

Ashley NicholsonDirector Business Development

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